The Swan Districts Junior Football Umpires Association was formed in 1964. The Swans Junior competition was created in 1950 and whilst there were umpires operating within the district, the Association was non existent for 14 years.  In 2014 the Association celebrated its 50th anniversary.  In 2010, the Association became incorporated to bring a greater degree of professionalism to the umpiring group, and provide greater transparency and accountability to members.

Life Members

Sav Borg
Brendyn Flood
Mark Grace
Terry Battle
Peter Gurney
Andrew Hayes
Peter Hughes
Troy King
Clinton Pearce
Steve Porter
Grant Prior
Brian Purcell
Wayne Taylor
Peter Williams
Morgan Wirth
Wal Worthington
Brett Rogers
Taylor Williams
Matthew Laycock
Adam Grixti
Anne-Marie Laycock

Swans District Junior Competition Committee - Life Members

Philip Wayne TAYLOR
Andrew William HAYES
Saviour BORG

Umpiring Managers

2009-2012 Mark GRACE
2013 Saviour BORG
2014-2015 Peter GURNEY

2016 - Current Jeffrey FAHEY-GILMOUR

**The Umpiring Manager first came into existence in 2009.

Umpires Coaches

1950-1964 No Position
1965 Neil Robert GILLAN
1966-1967 Not Known
1968 Lindsay Graeme JOHNSON
1969 Robert HUGHES
1970 William John CORTI
1971-1972 David ELLIS
1973 George Douglas WINDSOR
1974 Not Known
1975 Brian James PURCELL
1976-1977 Douglas Bernard MARTIN
1978-1979 Reginald Barry HIBBLE
1980 John Read HEDDITCH
1981 Reginald Barry HIBBLE
1982 Brian James PURCELL
1983-1984 Garry William DREW
1985-1987 Dale Colin DONNES
1988 Richard SALISBURY
1989 Michael Herbert JOHNSON
1990 Grant PRIOR
1991-1993 Andrew William HAYES
1994 Philip Wayne TAYLOR
1995 James Alan TYLER
1996 Saviour Alowishis BORG
1997 Morgan WIRTH
1998-1999 Philip Wayne TAYLOR
2000-2003 Saviour Alowishis BORG
2004- 2006 Terry BATTLE
2007-2008 Troy Raymond KING
2009-2017 Andrew William HAYES

2018-Current Jack Thomas FAHEY-GILMOUR

**The Umpires' Advisor first came into existence in 1965. It has been known as Umpires' Coach since 1992.

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